One of the biggest hurdles we face in trying to reduce food waste is the lack of facts and figures telling us just how much is being wasted, and what this waste means. This is a particularly true of the restaurant industry – Sydney alone has thousands of restaurants, making waste difficult to monitor.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 18.02.56.png

Luckily, campaign and research project Watch My Waste is here to help gather and provide the information that we need. The project allows businesses and individuals to track their food waste, a process which also aims to help businesses save money reduce and save money.

Watch My Waste also clears up for us just how significant food waste is. The Food Waste Greenhouse Calculator compares food waste to the equivalent use of electricity, petrol and the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere as a result. The connection between food waste and climate change is often forgotten, but the calculator makes it easier to understand to impact each kilo of waste has on the environment.

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 18.06.28.png

For individuals, taking the ‘What’s On Your Plate?’ survey forces you to consider the way that you eat at restaurants and the waste that is produced when you do so. If you’d like to be more mindful and understanding of the waste that is produced by you and the restaurants you eat at (and how it is managed), I would highly recommend taking the survey by clicking the link above.

For anyone running a food business, getting involved in waste auditing can help you understand your business, contribute less waste to the landfills and save money.

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